Iris GangBang
Hey guys, here we have Iris from Final Fantasy XV. I am finally at the last stage of this game.  Also anyone play “For Honor” or “Nioh”? And what about this new game “Horizon” I bet you guys can think of a lot of hot situation to have her in lol. Anyway see you later.

Ino loving it!
Aidan/ Yatot
Hey guys, remember that new artist I was talking about a while back? Well, wait no more. I am pleased to welcome Aidan/ Yatot to the cyber world lol.

He will be helping me updating narutobomb as well.  With Lexus and Aidan and I.
I am hoping to flood the sites with updates for you guys to enjoy.

Also I wanted to thank you guys for the support, because if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be able to afford to hire these talent artists. Anyway see you later.